Mystery Puzzle, Activating Community Voices

I’m so delighted to offer you this Volume 1, Number 1, of my serial book,

Mystery Puzzle, Activating Community Voices

Behold a mystery-us copy

This is one of the art pieces in the bookPuzzle, Activating Community Voices.

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5 thoughts on “Mystery Puzzle, Activating Community Voices

  1. I looked over the magazine and have a couple of questions. 1) is the price per magazine or for a subscription? 2) how often do you intend to publish? 3) Will they be mailed or downloaded? As always you produce beautiful Spirit inspired work, unique as you are.


  2. Arlene, thanks to yours and others’ questions and suggestions, I’ve edited the language and built more connectivity into the book. I’ve also created a Readers’ Facebook page at so the creative variations readers some up with can be shared. AND I made a related product: a Mystery Puzzle Kit, which has larger puzzle pieces and instructions on how to personalize the set. I eliminated the subscription feature because I just don’t know how to do it. I added the availability to advertise in future editions. The latest edition is better, but not perfect. Take a ride in the new model at my bookstore!


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