Images Speak ~ Words Create

pyramid-puzzle-1.jpgMystery Puzzle, Activating Community Voices is Volume 1, Number 1, a book or e-book, in a series called Images Speak ~ Words Create.  They cost $14.50  and $4.99 respectively.  You can preview the whole book, make comments, and order at my online bookstore.

The Mystery Puzzle Kit, with instructions and suggestions, is $11. 11 through the link below. While the book has 3″ x 4″ pieces to cut out, the kit has full-size, 5″ x 7″, reproductions  on card stock of the original “ten-paintings-in-one” puzzle piece to cut out. The kit comes with instructions to help create your own personalized set of puzzle pieces in any way you choose.


  • BEST to order the book through my online bookstore at Blurb , where there is a detailed description and a full preview.
  • Order the kit through  (Be sure to include what you are ordering, your name, your email and your mailing address and  for receiving your order.)
  • to write a check, use the contact form below to detail what you are ordering, to inquire where to send the check, and where you want to receive your order.