About the Artist


This ink painting was the plan for a larger work in acrylic mounted on a lazy- susan bearing so that it would turn on the wall where it was mounted. It remains in the plan’s shadow, since it will never match the plan’s luminescence.


I’ve been told I’m a “practical visionary.” 

It is wonderful how each person is a work of art, a masterpiece. There are things woven into each one of us which we have not yet discovered, nor accessed, nor developed in our own unique way. I enjoy the mutual encouragement of each person’s one-of-a-kind creativity, whether our encounter is in person, on a page, or in another realm. It’s an honor to present my portfolio to you for your response.

My educator’s  portfolio is as large as my artist’s portfolio, and is represented here with these links to my current Oregon teacher certificate and profile, résumé, quotes from letters of reference, and “Highly Qualified” status. You’ll also find my teacher bent in the pages titled Projects, Art & Education, Lessons… and Design. I’ve designed a curriculum called Ambassador Service Study for high school students to serve and study abroad for 10 weeks while staying enrolled in their school (It needs partners for implementation).

~ Bernie Weigand

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