“Place Faces” Homes Gallery

You don’t want to know what I found in the attic along with all the artwork stored there for many years; I also found some of myself. I lowered a foot-tall pile of originals and prints from the era before cell phones, personal computers, color copies, and empty nest. From out of the treasure heap I’ve gathered some of the commissions I did in Ashland which I made into greeting cards and prints for clients who lived there. I was miserly about the originals, keeping them all– I’m glad!

I  don’t remember where some of these Place Faces are, or who lives in them now. Can you help me find them? I crave to convert them into colorful wonders. Perhaps someone has a historical interest in them or wants to have and frame an original. Here is a gallery of What I found.

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One thought on ““Place Faces” Homes Gallery

  1. Wow, Bernie these are fantastic, especially the ones with color. I am fascinated and could gaze at them taking in the detail for a long long time.


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