Oxnard, California

All ten of the historic 1980 Oxnard series are below. Many were printed as 4 x 6″ and 6 x 8″ cards, and some as both cards and 8.5 x 11″ prints. A few are still in stock.  So much of this work can be re-purposed in color, as paintings or prints of all kinds, cards, murals, menus, new originals, menus, publications, t-shirts, the web, etc. Click on icons or scroll down for larger versions.

Patio Fisherman's wharf, Oxnard sm.wm


Rudder Room, Oxnard copy wm sm

This would make an awesome painting, full color of outside-inside window. a set of original, historic 1980, 4×6″ postcards is available, but the potential for color prints is endless.

Hollywood Beach, Oxnard fisheye sm wm

Channel Islands Home sm 100ppi

Back side Chan Islands shopping ctr copy wm smFrontside Channel Islands shopping-pelican copy sm wm

Whale's Tail copy wm sm

Whale’s Tail

The Nest, Oxnard College copy sm wm

Oxnard College

Mrs Olsen's Coffee Hut sm wm

Mrs. Olsen’s

Fisherman's wharf side shops copy sm wm

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