Lessons, Graphics, Units, Articles

I would love to use my graphic, writing, and creative experience to help you build your own materials and communicate your own understandings. The pieces below are my own work, though much of my understanding has come from colleagues like you. Contact me if you’d like to create something new or use something below in your teaching.


Community Mural Unit

“Mustang Murals” is envisioned as a bilingual, school-wide event, semester-long, theme-centered, integrated studies series of events. See the Mustang Mural and other plans and artwork on the Murals-Community Art blog post.

Gesture Drawing, Exercises in Freedom

This is a great way to loosen up, have fun, get a lot done, and focus. It could be used as a regular “seeing” warm-up. No one has to be Michelangelo. It is an adaptable and student-centered activity.


Spanish Verb Stems & Endings for 7 Tenses & Moods, a ONE page graphic!

I had to make sense of the material for myself. Putting it in graphic, pattern-recognizing form, and re-drafting it over the years, it fills the verb-conjugating jungle with hope and de-mystifies it. If it fits on one page, it seems do-able. Even native speakers have use for it.

Vocabulary of Conjugating Spanish Verbs in the Present

I, who am enlightened by grammar terms, realized that many of my students were going blank when I used those mystical terms. This one-page graphic gives a clear, basic visual of all those terms to practice with. Introduce one section at a time, like simple subject-verb sentences, “I walk.” “Judy sings.” Ask for student examples till they get it, then add the next section.

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