Please browse the samples linked below each type of printed material below. They represent documents I have written myself or helped other people create, polish and publish.
Please note that PDFs on this page with a red diamond ♦ may be downloaded with permission for 10 hard copies for your personal, non-resale use, on the honor system, for a suggested donation of $10 towards Madrone Artwork’s projects. A PayPal button for this purpose is at the bottom of the Store page.  The PDF may be displayed on your own personal computer, but no digital copies or links to the PDF document may be sent by email or any other means. You may, however, copy and send the link below with its directions:  > Design > Documents
so that visitors will be aware of the full range of my services.

Flyers & Brochures

~Brochures ~  ♦Casa Grace, a two-sided, color, hospitality tri-fold

~Flyers ~

Booklets & Lists

~Lists ~  Local small business community directory

Education Materials

Lessons, Graphics, Units, Articles  There is quite a collection on this page


Creativity  Activation

Proposals & Grants

Mustang Mural Proposal ~ an extensive proposal written for implementing an integrated, multi-age, bilingual, thematic, semester-long community and school project.

♦ Casa de Niños ~ a 5-year grant proposal for approximately $1,500,000, with many links to supplementary documents


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