Thank you for browsing my portfolio. May it encourage and inspire you.
This “store” is not so much a list of products as it is an organizer to start you through the process of creating your own product using existing or new artwork for your concept, your vision. Most of the artwork here can be printed in multiple formats. Some of the original artwork is also for sale. Adapting existing art to your purposes is also possible. Whatever you have in mind, please do contact the artist by phone or email to inquire and brainstorm. Once a project or product is decided on, 1/2 of the commission price is due and is non-refundable. The other half is due upon receipt of the work and your complete satisfaction.

This Madrone Artwork Gift Certificate and the items below outline a few possibilities for you.

You can also DONATE to any project at the bottom of this page

Commission New Artwork

   Original Art 

Portrait  —   Mural  —  Landscape  —  (various media, surfaces, sizes)

   Products from Artwork  

Prints & Cards  —  Logo  —  T-shirts  —

Events & Education

   Live Painting    Group Participatory Art

Color Outside the Lines  —  Table Murals  —  Event Gallery  —  Theme Enhancement


Design, Writing, Editing

Spanish, English, French — lessons, articles, poems, essays

Graphic Organizers

Creative Community

    Casa Grace Hospitality for Casa de Niños friends

Conversation Club and other cottage industry

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