Commission New Work

Writing or drawing an idea strengthens it. Collaborating with other creative people improves my work. Working with you can take many forms: just start the conversation with an email and I’ll give you a call so we can continue. Your idea is worth expressing in a visual way that makes it more powerful, meaningful, and valuable to yourself as well as others. A list of types of work that can be commissioned are at Store. Please also take a stroll through my serial book.

Each work is individually negotiated. That’s part of our fun: helping your vision happen. The three documents linked below are examples of how one large Place Face was presented, fitted to multiple clients, and quantified.
 Why Place Face Artwork?
A Few Ways that a Place Face Can Build for You
Possible Place Face Products and Prices
The Slide show below is the process of a much smaller collaboration in reverse ~ Bernie

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The 4′ x 5′ acrylic painting on canvas, above, was a commission I did for Brenda R. She had a budget, a canvas, and some paints. She wanted something in her work space to remind her of life and beauty outside the office. She had a few ideas and pictures. I told her I’d do as much as I could within her budget and time frame. I sent her these progress reports and she would suggest things to do. We’ll add her favorite dogs later, but we did get her and her husband into the sailboat. It is on her wall draped with curtains, like a window. I was happy to give her imagination flight each time she looks up from her work.